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Second Grade


Gina Campos

Years in Education:  6Campos

Years at Acadian:  3


Bachelor's Accounting 

Master's Art in Teaching MAT



Megan Doiron

Years in Education:  12Doiron

Years at Acadian:  12


General Education Bachelor's 

Minors in Sociology, Geography, & Psychology 








Ginger Jones

Years in Education:  22Jones

Years at Acadian:  12


Northwestern State University


"Children must be taught how to think,
     not what to think." --Margaret Mead



Mary Neil

Years in Education:  12Neil

Years at Acadian:  12


Bachelor's Fine Arts

Masters MFT Education


Megan Hutchinson

Years in Education:  6Hutchinson

Years at Acadian:  5


General Bachelor's

Pursuing MILS