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Planning Teachers



Computer Lab


Jill Monnier


Years in Education:  20

5 years Special Education teacherMonnier

7 years 1st grade teacher

6 years computer lab teacher

Years at Acadian:  16


Special Education certified K-12

Regular Education certified 1st - 8th

Bachelor's of Education, Nicholls State University

Master's of Education in Curriculum Instruction

with Technology Background, University of Phoenix

"Nine-tenths of education is encouragement"

- Anatole France



April Chauvin


Years in Education:  19Chauvin

Years at Acadian:  10


Bachelor's Early Childhood BA

Master's Early Childhood



Physical Education


Stacy King

Years in Education:  25King

Years at Acadian:  2


Elementary Education 1-8 

Special Education K-12







Jill Parfait

Years in Education:  11Parfait

Years at Acadian:  11


Elementary 1-5