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PBIS Expectations

Acadian C.L.A.W.S.

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Expectation #1

Cultivate Respect

Expectation #2

Learn Every Day

Expectation #3



Expectation #4

Work Together

Expectation #5

Safety Matters


-throw away all trash

-wipe your area

-use table manners

   *close mouth when chewing

-be polite to the cafeteria workers

-learn your lunch number

-get all utensils, napkin, milk, and food items

-when you drop  something, pick it up

-keep the line moving

-remain quiet

-take only 1 napkin, fork and straw

-wash hands

-report spills

-observe personal space

Playground -show good sportsmanship -learn the rules of the games

-use equipment on your scheduled day only

-remain quiet in line

-participate in intramurals

-keep the playground clean

-play safely

  *race not chase

-stay in designated areas

-freeze when the bell rings

-walk to line quietly


-keep quiet

-keep hand and feet to self


-walk on the line

-go straight to your area

-have a hall pass

-if someone falls stop

-walk facing forward

-stay to the right


-aim for the bowl

-knock on the stall door and wait for a response before entering



-use supplies wisely

-zip and tuck in the restroom

-get in and out quickly

-wash hands

-report spills

Bus Arrival





-respond to adult greetings



-respond to adults

-listen for and follow all adult directions




-learn your bus number/symbol

-go directly to cafeteria or assigned area

-use the restroom before reporting to line


-bring all materials

-listen for your bus number/symbol

-merge properly




-wait in line patiently and quietly

-walk on the line

-face the front

-step off the bus



-walk to your bus