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Fourth Grade


Stephanie Autin

Stephanie AutinYears in Education:  6

Years at Acadian:  3


Bachelor's of Science, Nicholls State University

Master's Educational Leadership Technology, 

Nicholls State University

Certified Educational Technology Facilitator

Certified in Computer Literacy

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, 

     you are right"  --Henry Ford



Angie Broussard

Years in Education:  29Angie Broussard

Years at Acadian:  15


Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary Education


"We can all be successful as long as we try!"


Stacy King

Years in Education:  23

Years at Acadian:  1st


Elementary Education 1-8

Special Education K-12


Elizabeth Naquin

Years in Education:  

Years at Acadian:  1st




Ami Sheals

Years in Education:  24

Years at Acadian:  1st


B.S., Southeastern LA University

Post Bach Certification Elementary Ed. 1-5,
University of Holy Cross


Kristen Stevens

Kristen DupreYears in Education:  5

Years at Acadian:  4


Master's of Arts in Teaching grades 1-5,

Nicholls State University



Fina Theriot

Years in Education:  21

Years at Acadian:  11


Bachelor's of Art, Nicholls State University